I believe that a quality recording starts with a quality performance.

I like to meet with artists prior to tracking day to ensure that we have the logistics of the project worked out.  The goal here is to make sure the that the artist is ready for the performance, and

I have ready to capture it in the best way possible.  
The part of a quality recording is quality gear.  I have gear that has been used in every major studio around the globe to ensure that my recordings are captured to the best of my abilities.

If you can't travel to our studio, feel free to track your project at home or at a different studio, and I will still be happy to  mix and/or master your project for you.



This is where the magic happens. All of the EQ, compression, level settings, among other things happen at this stage.  This is what will give your project the professional sound that you have been looking for.  

Also during this stage we can provide custom programing such as drum loops and virtual instrument sounds as needed. Contact me for more details.  



Mastering is the final touch to any great recording.  This step ensures that your product is at a commercial volume level and will be able to compete in today's music industry.  When this process is completed you will receive a master file of your finalized song(s)/project that is ready for streaming and/or duplication.  


Kevin Reddoch Productions is a recording studio currently residing in Plainview, Texas.

My goal is to provide professional quality recording, mixing, and mastering services.

I believe that every project is deserving of the hard work and attention that it takes to deliver the best product. Wether you're looking to track your full band or needing to record voiceover

I can meet your recording and mixing needs at a competitive price.

Kevin Reddoch

Producer / Mixing Engineer

Kevin Reddoch is an Audio Engineer / Producer / Musician.  He has experience in both studio and live sound applications. His experience ranges from working along side front of house engineer Mickey Morgan (B.B.King and many others) to an internship at the Bakery Studios with Producer / Engineer Brad Nyght (Gungor, Kari Jobe and many others).  He is well rounded in everything audio and music. He has studied Sound Technology at Eastern New Mexico University and Music Theory and Composition at Wayland Baptist University. Kevin is always willing to put quality time and effort into every project to ensure that your vision is met.


"Working with Kevin was as smooth of an experience as I could've hoped for. Incredibly professional, but his ear is the highlight of it all. As a producer he brought elements out of my songs that made me fall in love with them all over again." ...J.M.Faupel

"...I have known Kevin for years now. He is a great musician and has a great ear and talent in the recording industry. He has progressed and become such an amazing music producer. I have had the pleasure of working with him on several of my projects and he has blown me away every time, and it far exceeds my expectations. He is the real deal. I would definitely recommend any start up band or anyone interested in recording an album to check out Kevin Reddoch Productions" ...Ben Reed

"Always going the extra mile to get the sound I wanted and treats every project as important as other client's. Budget engineering that's better than any other small studios, but no sacrifice in quality." ...Derek Schaefer

"Having heard some of his previous work Kevin Reddoch was our first choice to make music for our video projects, and most recently, an amazing theme for our podcast that is so well done that it has become part of the identity of the podcast and our ministry as a whole - fun, exciting, and uplifting it just inspires you. Kevin has had a way of knowing what I wanted before I could even try to explain what I was looking for. 100% satisfaction, I will never go to anyone for my music needs" ... Matt Coker, Ministry Director/Host of The Backrow Baptist podcast and