STUDIO TIME: $20 per hour (Engineer incl.)
MIXING: $100 per song
MASTERING: $60 per song

We pride ourselves with having some of the most competitive rates in today's music industry.

Studio time includes all tracking and production.  In this step we spend the time that is needed to capture the best performance possible  A great recording starts with a great perfomance.  

All of the EQ, compression, level settings, among other things happen at this stage.  This is what will give your song the professional sound that you are looking for.  
Also during this stage we can provide custom programing such as custom synths and drum loops as needed. 

Mastering is the final touch to any great recording.  This is the stage that ensures that your product will be set to a commercial volume and will be able to compete in today's music industry.  When this process is completed you will recieve a master file of your finalized song/project that is ready for streaming and/or duplication.  

Package A (1 song ) - $200

- Includes all tracking, production, mixing, and mastering.


Package B (3 song EP) - $500

- Includes all tracking, production, mixing and mastering.  


If you are interested in a larger project please contact me.  



All prices are subject to change.  The price that is listed at the time of booking will be honored.