I proudly mix in-the-box.  I try to streamline the recording process to save you, the artist, time and money.
Analog Mastering is available.  Contact me for more details.  


- MJE vintage 250 - Michael Joly mod
- Shure SM57
- MXL 990 - Custom mod
- AKG Perception
- CAD microphones
- Behringer microphones
- Custom made sub-kick microphone
- Dbx Compressors
- Presonus XMAX Preamps
- Midas Design Preamps
- Tascam Preamps
- Yamaha analog mixing console 
- BOSS Digital Recorder
- Echos, compressors, distrotions, and many other effects if needed
- Presonus Studio One 3 Professional
- Melodyne
- Reason 7
- Positive Grid Bias FX
- Positive Grid Pro Studio Compressors
- Kontact 5
- Reaktor 5
- Addictive Drums
- Addictive Keys
- Guitar Rig
- POD Farm 2
- Presonus Eris Series Studio Monitors
- Presonus HD7 Studio Headphones
- Sennheiser Studio Headphones
- AKG Studio Headphones
- Behringer Studio Headphones
- 1973 Gibson SG
- Gibson Night Hawk
- Fender resonator
- Alumbrah classical (hand made in Spain)
- Oscar Schmidt acoustic
- Ibenez Bass
- Mapex snare
- vintage Ludwig snare
- Yamaha keboard
- MAudio Oxygen 49 MIDI controler
- Fender guitar amp
- Vox tube amp

Professional Engineer

Professional Sound

At Kevin Reddoch Productions I focus on your vision. Before we start the recording process we will have a consultation meeting to discuss your desired sound, musical style, tempos, and recording approach to make sure that you are as prepared as you need to be before tracking day. I like to have the ground work started before you step foot in the studio.  This streamline approach is designed to save you time and money. 


I proudly mix in-the-box.  By doing so I bypass a lot of technical difficulties that may occur when dealing with a large console recording format. Do you wish you could have that classic recording studio console sound on your tracks? I use state of art software that can emulate that classic analog console vibe without the worry of equipment malfunctioning and wasting your time and ultimately costing you more money. 


Professional Equipment